Thursday, July 21, 2011

from a caravan guest:

I almost forgot I was in the Berkshires.... music, dance, rose-scented ice cream, enough color and texture to seduce my imagination out of its slumber. I LOVED IT!!!
A Bohemian Caravan in the Berkshires.  A colorful mirage from another time and place in this very time and place!  An invitation to communal adventure.  Sparks one's spirits and drew out the sequins in my attire !  A wonderful mix of ages, spiced with love and intention by the hosts,  and as always, a sublime attention to detail.  
The Caravan was truly a magical incarnation.  We created a tent, had an amazing feast, and dance party with the help of over 20 people donating rugs, fabrics, cushions, food, time, & love.  We regret not having any pictures of Gabriel's ice cream churning art project (see with Persian- inspired rose petal ice cream and apple-mint sorbet, or of the Glass Botom Brewery Boy's 4 beer selection on tap (, or of all the lovely people in costume dancing to the Turkish/Indian Sufi-laced techo & break-beat music mixed and dubbed on the spot by Nur Habib Tiven (check out  Nevertheless we do have some pics from the evening.......