Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carnival Impressions


Now THAT was really something very special to experience on Saturday night. In spite of the difficulty with the wind earlier, it turned out to be a lovely evening--with the clouds shrouding the moon from time to time--making for a mysterious overtone to the event.-so I parked my car and walked up the dark path in the direction of the house...


The colored strings of lights, the sound of rippling laughter, a tall stone tower illuminated from within by a small cooking fire!!!--I took it all in with wide eyes and with the sense that I had just entered another world, or at least, somehow gotten myself onto another plane of existence on this planet! As I took in all the sights and sounds , I didn't notice the backyard with the embedded rocks and long pools filled with water right away--and when I did, Zowie! Another gasp!

The shadow puppets were so expertly made; and the characters in the skit were funny, clever, and lovely. (Heather, as the Bearded Lady was a superstar. Perfect role for her!) Finally, with the skit over--the grand finale with the dancing girls in the lam'e skirts and those TERRIFIC hats and cone-shaped bras--fabulous--I thought, "Well, I'm tired...I think I'll call it a night..." and I was about to go when suddenly you grabbed my hand and said, "Stay for the fire-dancers!" OKAY!! I was definitely up for THAT, and I'm so glad I stayed--the space with the reflecting pools and the different levels of rock and grass and pathways was nothing short of SPECTACULAR!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Note on the White Dinner

The Diner En Blanc was just beautiful- a medley of people and persuasions of all different ilks who knew how to come in style and have a raucously good time.  The sunset's magic crescendoed with music by The Russet Trio (thank you Aldo, Peter and Seth!), and then we were graced by the full moon's rising.  We look forward to next year's- whatever color we'll be by then......:)

Diner En Blanc Photos

Thursday, July 21, 2011

from a caravan guest:

I almost forgot I was in the Berkshires.... music, dance, rose-scented ice cream, enough color and texture to seduce my imagination out of its slumber. I LOVED IT!!!
A Bohemian Caravan in the Berkshires.  A colorful mirage from another time and place in this very time and place!  An invitation to communal adventure.  Sparks one's spirits and drew out the sequins in my attire !  A wonderful mix of ages, spiced with love and intention by the hosts,  and as always, a sublime attention to detail.  
The Caravan was truly a magical incarnation.  We created a tent, had an amazing feast, and dance party with the help of over 20 people donating rugs, fabrics, cushions, food, time, & love.  We regret not having any pictures of Gabriel's ice cream churning art project (see with Persian- inspired rose petal ice cream and apple-mint sorbet, or of the Glass Botom Brewery Boy's 4 beer selection on tap (, or of all the lovely people in costume dancing to the Turkish/Indian Sufi-laced techo & break-beat music mixed and dubbed on the spot by Nur Habib Tiven (check out  Nevertheless we do have some pics from the evening.......